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There used to be a certain irony to being a gay wedding photographer. 

While I am always honored to be a part of my clients' wedding day, the fact that, until recently, I myself couldn't legally marry was not lost on me.  But witnessing so many beautiful weddings made me determined to work with same-sex couples and towards marriage equality. 

For years, before marriage was a possibility, I turned my lens toward same-sex couples, creating many portraits of loving relationships. I've volunteered with Marriage Equality New York (Now Marriage Equality USA) since 2004 and photographed their protests and fundraisers, providing images for their campaigns. 

Since Marriage Equality passed in New York State, I have photographed over 80 same sex weddings. Our community is filled with so many glorious stories of love and commitment that need telling, and I love helping my clients tell them.  

There is an art to posing same-sex couples and it differs from straight couples. Traditionally with straight couples, the bride is the center of attention, but when there are no brides, or there are two brides, the dynamic shifts. As a gay man, I understand how LGBT couples fit together. When looking at my work, you can tell the newlyweds are in love.

If you want images that show your love, your passion, and your connection, consider me.