crafted by photobiz

My job is to tell the story of your day in images. And I always strive to make your experience of getting those images as fun and wonderful as the pictures themselves.

I’ve shot well over 100 weddings — from small intimate ceremonies in parks, to affairs with hundreds of black-tied guests at stunning locations. Each couple and wedding is unique and special, and I am always honored to share in such an important day.

Weddings are amazing events: somehow simultaneously filled with authenticity and heightened theatricality.

After all, how often are your emotions so close to the surface? Joy and nerves mixed with laughter and tears? And how many times in your life is everything so brilliant? I mean, do you normally wear a veil or tux to pick up groceries? Probably not.

To properly tell the story of your wedding day, I believe a range of styles is in order. A range that includes both photojournalism and portraiture. And I have the skills and experience to provide both.

On the one hand, I’ll take a photojournalistic approach to capture the important moments. But I’ll also capture the moments between moments that might otherwise go unnoticed. A tear on a parent's cheek, your intended's bemused expression as you attempt to tie your bow tie (again), your grandmother doing the Chicken Dance, the moment when you first realize "Oh my God, we're actually married!"

Every photographer has their own approach to getting these images. Some work around the edges and shoot guests with a telephoto. Some tell guests where to go and what to do. I choose the middle ground. I’m friendly with people so they become comfortable around me, and that comfort allows me to get authentic images without having to guide your guests or hide from them.

On the other hand, since you've gone to so much trouble to look fabulous, shouldn't you have some fabulous portraits to capture your fabulousness? I adore doing portraits and have shot well over 1000. So when creating portraits of my couples, the skills I've developed for “seeing the light” by taking advantage of available light (the beautiful beam from a window, the gentle glow from a sconce), as well as using my own, come in very handy. Because while the location is always special, the lighting is frequently not. If you want portraits that are beautifully lit and composed, I'm your guy.

If you choose me as your wedding photographer, I’ll use every skill at my disposal to create images that will bring back treasured memories of your day. The tears. The joy. And your grandmother’s Chicken Dance.