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A little about me.

I have been a photographer for the last 10 years, shooting weddings, elopements and portraits. Located in Brooklyn, NY, I work with all types of couples, but am proud to have shot more than 100 same sex weddings, which is probably more than, well, just about anyone. That said, I’ve worked with almost as many straight couples as LGBT ones. I don't discriminate. All couples are welcome, brides and grooms, brides and brides, or grooms and grooms. 

As a portrait photographer I have turned my lens on thousands of subjects, but I have a particular fascination for people who seem to live in a different time and place. I work with lovers of vintage clothing, wearing everything from suits of armor, to flapper dresses, to poodle skirts, and just about everything in between. I photograph steampunks, goth families, and burlesque queens.

There are many other photographers whose work inspires me, but my primary inspiration comes from painters. Especially John Singer Sargent. I long for the days that people sat for portraits. Enough with the selfies already!

I've won numerous awards including:

2014 Rangefinder Wedding Photography contest, People's Choice award.

First Place winner 2013 Top Knots contest for best wedding photography of the year, getting ready division.

Winner 2013 Faces contest for best portrait photography of the year, children's portrait division.

I've also been featured in many magazines, newspapers and online publications including:, New York Magazine, Photo District News, Rangefinder, The New York Times, Newsday, New York Daily News, Shutterbug Magazine, Wedding Pride Magazine, NYC Pride Guide, Time Out New York, The OffBeat Bride, and various jumbotrons across Times Square.

Here's are some random facts about me. I…

  • Love show tunes.
  • Saw a ghost once. Ask me to tell the story. 
  • Am always up for good barbecue.
  • Still cry when Bambi's Mother dies.
  • Mastered Photoshop before I learned photography.
  • Love to sing (doesn't mean I'm any good at it though).
  • Lived in Italy for a year and would go back in a second.
  • Once photographed a rarely seen sperm whale, just below the Arctic Circle.
  • Designed ten-years’ worth of souvenir books for Walt Disney World
  • Love live theater and have seen over 500 shows since moving to New York (and have the Playbills to prove it).
  • Created my own costume jewelry line, which was featured in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Life magazine, among many others, and was sold in hundreds of stores around the world.